Wuyi rock-essence tea


Wuyi rock-essence tea is among the finest tea in the world.


However, authentic Wuyi rock-essence teas are rare. Only tea leaves picked from a small selected region in the Wuyishan and the best Wuyishan tea masters deliver the unique characteristics that define these exquisite teas.


To connoisseurs, the legendary DaHongPao, a variant of Wuyi rock-essence tea, is arguably the “holy grail” of tea.



We demonstrate “Wuyi rock-essence”, in terroir and technique, in an open and transparent manner. This is unprecedented.


For connoisseurs who appreciate how the finest teas are about terroir and technique, you will be experiencing terroir rarely found in the market, expressed to perfection. You will be amazed by our application of the highest level of tea processing.


Everyone will enjoy the finest teas. For anyone new to high quality tea, you are just one step away from discovering what it is all about in the finest teas. You will see tea very differently thereafter.

Set it free


Our variants of Wuyi rock-essence tea will charm, delight, surprise and excite connoisseurs, enthusiasts and novices, all the same.


Such high quality Wuyi rock-essence teas are rare and do not go beyond the market exclusively for selected connoisseurs in China.


Our little red dot is the perfect platform for this liberation.


Welcome to the realm of Wuyi rock-essence tea!


One project


The relentless pursuit started more than eight years ago.


Prior to setting up our business, our founders invested in many projects to explore, study and improve Wuyi rock-essence tea.


It was a long, hard and lonely journey finding our own way.


We now know a way.


Acquiring high quality Wuyi rock-essence tea is no easy feat. There are always businesses trying but failing to secure supply of the highly prized tea; authenticity and quality are usually compromised. Also, few take food safety issues seriously.



Possibility, not opportunity.


We are proud that our Wuyi rock-essence teas must be among the finest teas in the world.


Our business is not about sourcing for these high quality teas and then marketing them.


Simply, some of the best things just cannot be bought.


Our founders’ goal was to make it possible for a Singaporean tea business to produce and deliver some of the finest teas in the world.


Quite unthinkable, but that is what we are doing today. It has been more than eight years building expertise and strong alliances, all from scratch, to get to where we are.






Workshops & talks during Moonfest2018 at Esplanade

Moonfest is an annual traditional Chinese arts festival held by Esplanade in celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Join us at Fort Sanctuary@Esplanade on 21st-23rd September 2018 as we celebrate Mid-Autumn festival at Esplanade. Check out our fantastic line up of interactive workshops and talks.

Wuyi rock-essence, in terroir & technique. Come experience.