Workshops and talks at Fort Sanctuary@Esplanade during Moonfest 2018, Esplanade


The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of festive joy and harmony,  celebrated across the world by the Chinese. Moonfest is an annual traditional Chinese arts festival held by Esplanade in celebration of the festival.


Join us at Fort Sanctuary@Esplanade on 21st-23rd September 2018 as we celebrate Mid-Autumn festival at Esplanade. We have a fantastic line up of interactive workshops and talks at Fort Sanctuary@Esplanade, #02-04 Esplanade Mall.




Always young at heart - Learn Chinese tea drinking culture and celebrate your health with total measurable wellness, by Dr. Chia Eng Hock


21 Sep (Fri) 6.30pm 

22 Sep (Sat) 5.45pm


Influential scientist, Dr Chia Eng Hock, will be sharing how medical research has shown that heart health is the key to the longevity of centenarians.


Hear the exciting and heart-warming story which scientists discovered in a village in China recently.


See how it is your birth-right and the genetic human heritage of everybody to enjoy youthful vitality at any age.


This life-changing interactive talk features tea drinking as wellness medicine, exercise therapeutics and the new movement culture. Discover what whole-body rejuvenation feels like and celebrate your health with total measurable wellness. Be inspired!


The talk includes a 15-minutes tea tasting session.


Dr Chia has been listed in the Cambridge Dictionary of International Biography, the IFIP Asia Pacific Directory of Information Systems Faculty, the US-based Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and other reference works.


Duration: 45 minutes

Fee: $5 per person (Minimum 10 persons to start)

Register at or call 6254 8048 (between 1pm-9pm).




Tea blending:  Create your own blend, using finest tea leaves


21 Sep (Fri) 5.45pm,

22 Sep (Sat) 3.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.45pm

23 Sep(Sun) 7.30pm 


Give tea blending a shot, using the world’s finest tea leaves. See if you can surprise tea masters and experts.


Learn the fundamentals of tea, the different characteristic and elements. Marry these elements according to your liking. Try your hand at creating your own tea blend that reflects your creative flair and personal taste. Name your very own creation and share your blend masterpiece with your family and friends.


In this fun hands-on session, you will learn the art of tea blends, enjoy sampling the different tastes of each tea variants (available for blending) and create your own blend masterpiece.


Duration: 30/45 minutes

Free; some sessions are reserved for pre-registration. Register at or call 6254 8048 (between 1pm-9pm).



Parent-child hands-on workshop

Learn about finest teas


22 Sep (Sat) 1pm, 4.45pm


Explore the world of finest teas with your children. Private tutors in China are using exploring finest teas as part of their teaching methods to build skills, trust, confidence and motivation for excellence.


Fort Sanctuary@Esplanade is the ultimate sanctuary for parents and their children to have a fun side by side, step by step hands-on tea brewing workshop, using modest tea wares but only the finest tea leaves.


Come have fun as a parent and child team for this workshop.


Duration: 30 minutes

Free; register at or call 6254 8048 (between 1pm-9pm).