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Currently, we make available three variants of Wuyi rock-essence tea.



This variant demonstrates Wuyishan tea processing techniques at the highest level. Terroir is expressed in exceptional depth and length.


Connoisseurs will not want to miss this!


Intense in the initial brews, terroir continues to be consistently expressed in richness for subsequent brews; easily holds up to more than 20 brews; leaves an endless smooth, rich and sweet aftertaste.






 This variant delivers the goodness in tea leaves well rested, yet it also gives a sense of freshness, as if it is freshly processed.


Wuyi rock-essence tea experts will find this variant intriguing.  It is designed to appeal to just anyone, even connoisseurs looking for a light, delicate and fragrant brew.


Smooth and fragrant, terroir is consistently expressed in grace throughout multiple brews; easily holds up to more than 15 brews; leaves an endless smooth, subtle and sweet aftertaste.






This variant is a regular Wuyi rock-essence tea, commonly seen in wuyishan, if you know your way.


It will be excellent for exploration of Wuyi rock-essence tea, regular tasting or an every-day tea.


Smooth and fragrant ( flora and smoky), terroir is consistently expressed but more evident after initial brews; like all good quality Wuyi rock-essence tea, no bitterness, astringency or any unpleasant sensation in mouth; easily holds up to more than 10 brews; leaves a long smooth and sweet aftertaste.