About us - producing and delivering some of the finest teas


Our goals


Our goal is producing and making available Wuyi rock-essence tea, one of the finest teas in the world.


Wuyi rock-essence tea is rare. High quality Wuyi rock-essence teas do not go beyond the market exclusively for selected connoisseurs in China. Our goal is to create a new market - an international market, open and transparent, for everyone.



Wuyi rock-essence tea and us


Wuyishan, or Wuyi mountains, is an Unesco world cultural and national heritage site in Fujian province, China. It is a landscape of great beauty that has been protected for more than twelve centuries. There, unique mineral rich soil, ideal climate for growth of tea plants and unparalleled expert tea processing techniques all come together perfectly to produce one of the finest teas in the world - uniquely Wuyi rock-essence tea.


Wuyi rock-essence tea distinguishes itself by terroir and technique, as epitomised by our Wuyi rock-essence teas.


We take it seriously that terroir is a crucial ingredient in our Wuyi rock-essence teas. However scarce, only tea leaves from the prime growing region in Wuyi mountains are used. These tea leaves are harvested only once a year, when they are at full potential. It is terroir without compromise.


Wuyishan tea processing is the pinnacle of tea processing. At the highest level, these techniques are closely guarded secrets. Our experts are true masters, among the very best.


What we do will not make sense if our tea were not safe to drink. Food safety comes first; it must be so.



What sets us apart from other tea businesses


Many businesses tried but failed to acquire high quality Wuyi rock-essence tea. Some of the best things in the world just cannot be bought.


Our founders have been building trust and expertise in improving Wuyi rock-essence tea since more than eight years ago.


Over the years, we have been taking the personalized approach in engaging farmers and experts in Wuyishan. Today, we trust them and they trust us. These special relationships are one of our key business assets. We have the edge.


We have been building expertise for years. Through our R&D work, we improve our friends and they, in turn, show us their closely guarded secrets along the way, helping us build our own expertise.  They trust us and appreciate that our expertise complements and strengthens them. We made ourselves relevant.


Together with our friends, we produce some of the finest teas in the world, what we can proudly call our own.